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Photo Mosaic app for Creative Pros

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mosaicPro is a Photo Mosaic app for the Mac. It is designed for Creative Professionals and includes an optimized workflow and fast algorithms for loading image tiles and generating Photo Mosaics. The application is designed to take advantage of the latest Multi-Core CPUs on Apple hardware. With mosaicPro you can generate large scale artwork.

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Architected for Performance

mosaicPro is efficiently engineered to take advantage of the latest multi-core processors from Apple hardware to give you the best performance possible.


Useful Post-Processing Effects

After you create a mosaic image, you have the ability to customize it by colorizing the image to more closely match the master image. You may also replace individual tiles with images of your choice from the file system. Finally, you may artistically enhance the mosaic image by adding colorful grid lines to offset each individual tile.


Robust User Interface

mosaicPro includes advanced featurs such as a file browser interface to quickly load your most recently used images, as well as a full-featured printing interface for custom output.